All aboard the Orient Express

It was the backdrop for Agatha Christies’ most memorable detective-mystery novel, proving that the journey is sometimes more of an adventure then the destination itself.
It was the train that vampire-hunter Van Helsing took to intercept Dracula’s travels back to Romania in Bram Stoker’s classic novel.
It was there that James Bond fought off his rival spy on his way to Venice in “from Russia with love”.
It’s chambers held historic value too, when in 1981 an Armistice was signed in cabin number 2419 by two generals, ending World War I.
When the roaring 30’s was the golden age to travel, it was the Orient Express everyone was traveling on.

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How to sleep almost anywhere in Italy for around $10 a night

To kick off my blogging debut I’m sharing my favorite way to sleep in Italy (on a budget that is). I’ve done the hostel thing plenty of times, and while some hostels are truly an experience in themselves, sometimes I look for other alternatives. Ones that allow me more space and privacy, while still saving the same amount of money. A little more adventure doesn’t hurt either. If you’re up for the challenge, almost every city in Italy has a suburb or outskirt with campsites. If like me, you come from a camping friendly state (like Washington) you may be inclined to have a pre-conceived notion of what camping means. Italy, however, does camping differently. So lets take a look at some benefits and disadvantages:

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